HistoryDiving into the past.

In 1770, the canons laid paths and benches in the grove south of their church. About 20 years later, a modest inn was built there, which was popular with the citizens of Hildesheim.
 A small "salon" was set up for the dancing parties. The "Prager Musikanten" (Prague Musicians) provided music in the summer, and "Janischarenmusik" (Janissary Music) could also be heard there from 1802 onwards. In 1805, the musicians of the Prussian soldiers garrisoned in Hildesheim played in the "Hölzchen".
 Together with the former church forest, the Berghölzchen later became the property of the Klosterkammer. In 1843, a committee was formed to beautify the Berghölzchen, groups of trees were planted on the slope and a terrace was laid out in front of the inn.
From 1849 to 1872, the summer theatre "Tivoli", in which famous actors also performed, played in a quarry behind the inn. In 1862, the city bought the Berghölzchen from the Klosterkammer.
 Today, with its annexes - hotel rooms and conference rooms - it is one of the most popular 4-star conference hotels in Hildesheim and the surrounding area. You will clearly feel the historic charm of the house in the original areas.
 Beautiful: The view of the city and the Innerste-valley!