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UNESCO World Heritage (only 150 metres from the hotel) Source Titelbild © Hildesheim – Marketing


The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

Highlights Photo: bph / Ina Funk

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in Hildesheim is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and one of the oldest bishop’s churches in German - with its history going all the way back to the 11th century. The Cathedral was reopened in 2014 after it was laboriously renovated and refurbished over 4 ½ years. In the apse of the cathedral, steeped in legend, you’ll find the tendrils of the Thousand-year Rose- the symbol of the diocese and the city of Hildesheim. The legend, surrounding this rose reaches all the way back to the founding of the diocese of Hildesheim. Further information on the bishop’s church and the Thousand-year Rose can be found at the the cathedral’s website: www.dom-hildesheim.de

St Michael’s Church, Hildesheim

Since 1985, St. Michael’s has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church was erected by Bishop Bernward from 1010 to 1022, and is a key work of art from the middle ages. The layout of the double-choired basilica is characterized by strict symmetry. In the central nave, there are 4 cornerstones with round columns topped by square capitals in pairs. This alternation of pillars was one of the most successful inventions of the Ottoman and Romanesque architectural styles. St. Michael’s maintains a large amount of historical and modern decor: the painted stucco reliefs on the choir screens (dating from the end of the 12th century) and the wide, painted wooden ceiling are among the most famous. The church is open all day - visitors are welcome.

Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum

To present and to impart the knowledge of the development of the world, from old, mysterious cultures and from faraway primitive peoples - that is what mattered to the founding fathers of the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum. That is how one of the most important museums of Northern Germany came about, a museum that is internationally known above all else for its ancient Egyptian treasures: many firsthand witnesses tell Egyptian history from its beginnings through to the beginnings of the middle ages of Christianity. Further permanent exhibits lead us on an exciting trip through time to the lost cultures of ancient America or into the world of Chinese porcelain. Special exhibits that change yearly bring artistic and cultural themes to life and the museum curators guide you through all the exhibits with diverse programmes for all ages and target groups. Further information can be found at: www.rpmuseum.de

© Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum, Foto: Sh. Shalchi

Fagus Factory

The Fagus Factory is known worldwide as the original building of modern architecture and was erected in 1911 by architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. The architects were able to give a middle-sized factory a completely out-of-the-ordinary appearance that was an exception to tradition. The Fagus Factory represents an architectural concept that, at that time, saw the need for light, air and clarity and that employed the new building materials of glass and steel. Even today, shoe lasts are produced in this living monument. The production is complemented by the electronics and mechanical engineering industries. A look behind the scenes offers eventful factory tours. The Fagus-Gropius Exhibit as well as the multimedia UNESCO Visitor Centre informs us about the company history, the World Heritage status, shoe fashion of the last 100 years and much more. Changing special exhibits present the Fagus Gallery. Pure culture is also offered in events that take place immersed in the special ambiance of the factory. The Fagus-Gropius Café invites you to enjoy and relax. Further information at www.fagus-werk.com.

Marienburg Castle (Hildesheim)

Photographer: Patrice Kunte

Visible from quite far away, Marienburg Castle at Hildesheim commands the south west slope of the Marienberg, around 20 kilometres south of Hannover and 15 kilometres north west of Hildesheim. Originally the summer residence of the Welfs, the oldest dynasty in Europe, it is one of the most important neo gothic architectural monuments in German. At one time, the castle was a gift and symbol of love from the last Hanoverian king, George V. to his beloved wife, Queen Marie. After the annexation of Hanover by Prussia, the king fled into exile in Austria. Just a short while after she had settled into the castle, Queen Marie followed him into exile and was never again to see her “little Eldorado”. Awoken from a long, Sleeping Beauty-like sleep, Marienburg Castle enchants us anew today through its fairytale appearance. Visitors can stroll through the royal apartments on a guided tour or experience everything about the history of the Welfs in “The Way to the Crown” exhibit. Numerous theatre tours take us back to times past, open air events in the romantic courtyard excite the audience and the castle restaurant invites us to sample royal cuisine. www.schloss-marienburg.de


Golf Club

In the Harzvorland, surrounded by meadows and forests, we find the location of our partner golf club, Bad Salzdetfurth - Hildesheim. The holes of this course are as diverse as the landscape surrounding them. Whether you want to cozy up to a cappuccino on the terrace or want to visit the nearby Derneburg, Söder or Bodenburg Castles after your round of golf is up to you. Visit the golf club’s website here.

Water Paradise Hildesheim

The one-of-a-kind water park offers you fun, adventure and relaxation for the whole family. With 1,500 square metres of water area, you can let of steam however you want to: a 70 metre slide with a black hole (light and sound effects), stonewall slide, water cannons, current canal, children’s pool, outdoor pool with massage nozzles and loungers, a grotto and much more guaranteed to be fun for the whole family. The Sport Paradise offers you a 25 x 21m sports pool with 8 lanes as well as optimally positioned 3m and 1m diving platforms to actively do something for your health. www.wasserparadies-hildesheim.de


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Our comfort rooms are equipped with: WC, shower / bath, flat screen TV, telephone, cable TV, hair dryer, wireless LAN free ...

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